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Ink and computer colored images by Amy Namsiriwan

This page is contains my inked and computer colored images.

Much of it is fan art for video games such as Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volley Ball. This is because: one day as I was web surfing, I came across this site: http://www.neotaku.com/doax/ and I noticed how empty half the girls' gallaries were. I feld the duty to help fill out some of the girls' gallaries (especially poor Helena who only had 2 pieces). And so these pictures were born. Jason who runs the doax site said he'd post the rest of these pics that I send him on there eventually, but you can view them here for now :)

I love to design things, clothes jewelry, etc. So it was also a fun opportunity to make up some swimsuits of my own.

PEAC Mascot

My Legato

Waiting for
The Bus

Lisa as
"your Valentine"

Robin 1

Lady Luck

Uninvited guests on
Zack's island

Ninja Gaiden Pic

Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball fan pics:

Hitomi/Leifang Nap

DOAX Christmas

Tina relaxing with a drink


Leifang Ponytails

Leifang in Clematis suit

Leifang unzipping wetsuit

Helena Twist-Style Suit

Helena Mermaid Theme suit

Necklace of Brising


Ayane in Faye
Valentine's clothes

Ayane then gives
Faye's clothes to
unsuspecting Kasumi...

Faye tracks down
her clothes, but Ayane
has played her trick.


Lisa in her
business beach-wear

Lisa laying on the beach

Leifang whispering
to Hitomi

Christie relaxing on
the beach with her panther

Characters of my own:

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